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Gerry Norton Onsite Wastewater Practitioner
Gerry Norton is a resident of the Western Communities and has lived in the area for over 40 years. He has operated or been involved with heavy equipment for over 25 years, he is an expert in the operation of a Bob Cat.

Originally his talent led him to the landscaping business but as business prospered he expanded into the installation of septic systems and the hook up of sewer connections and small excavating projects.

Back in the day any one with a truck to haul gravel and either a shovel or bob cat could install septic systems, but when the regulations regarding wastewater were overhauled in 2005 only a registered onsite wastewater practitioner can install septic systems.

septic systems langford colwood
Gerry Norton has completed all of the courses required by the Province of British Columbia giving him the authority and credentials to plan, install and approve septic systems. He brings to the table the confidence, the experience and the ability to provide all of the services that are required to install a septic system or provide sewer hook up in the province of British Columbia.

With his vast experience in the operation of a Bob Cat he can also provide any small excavating project you may need. For a reasonable cost for expert service contact Gerry Norton.

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